Our story

At Seed Restaurant, nature is our partner in crafting exceptional culinary experiences. Nestled before our doors is a vibrant garden, a testament to our commitment to quality.

We proudly cultivate our own vegetables, fruits, and herbs, infusing every dish with flavors nurtured by our hands. This garden allows us to promise our cherished patrons the freshest ingredients, ensuring that each bite is a celebration of taste and health. Partnering with local farmers, we champion regional produce, forming a network that values both community and environment.

Our ethos is rooted in conscious choices, as we tread the path of sustainability, leaving a flavorful footprint for generations to savor.

At Seed, every encounter is an embrace of kinship. Allow us to introduce our beloved family – the dedicated souls who curate your experience.

For brunch, Suggi and the harmonious trio of Gede, Salsa, and Hardy grace the bar, ready to serve you with heartfelt smiles. In our kitchen, Chef Kadek leads a passionate ensemble including Hibu, Oming, and Mahfudz. By night, the dynamic duo of Samuel and Bagus craft cocktails as they fulfill your desires.

At the helm of hospitality, Ary, Audrey, Vikky, and Pande extend warm welcomes and expert recommendations. Meanwhile, our kitchen brigade, led by Nyoman, Dana, Elena, Rika, Yuli, Jerfry, and Rio, masterfully blend the Chef’s creations with their Indonesian culinary wisdom.

As a united family, we elevate each moment you spend with us into a cherished memory.

The Seed Garden, a fragrant oasis within our premises, adds an aromatic depth to every dish, reminding you that you’re surrounded by the very essence of Bali. Whether you’re indulging in the symphony of breakfast, lunching amid the scents of our garden, or savoring the magic of a Bali night at dinner, every meal at Seed Restaurant invites you to immerse yourself in Bali’s flavors like never before.

See you at Seed!

“Incredible spot. Most amazing margarita I’ve ever had. Perfect flavour balance. The food also incredible. Asian European fusion. I shared the octopus, ceviche and tuna mango ceviche. Beautiful flavour combinations. Fresh flavours, beautiful fish and the lime cheesecake desert is just the icing on the cake. Lovely owner and front of house too. Merci beaucoup, Seed!”
Georgina Elliott